The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), founded in 1954, is the largest animal welfare organization in the world with nearly ten million members and constituents, an international arm called Humane Society International, and a 2005 budget of $95 million USD.

The HSUS includes nine regional offices, four affiliates, an international arm, and more than 300 staff members—including veterinarians, wildlife biologists, lawyers, animal behaviorists, and other professionals.

HSUS's major campaigns target four primary issues:

  1. factory farming
  2. animal fighting and other forms of animal cruelty
  3. the fur trade
  4. inhumane sport hunting practices.

HSUS publishes Animal Sheltering, a bi-monthly magazine for animal sheltering professionals. It also operates Rural Area Veterinary Services, a free veterinary program for animals in impoverished communities.

The Humane Society WirelessEdit

The Humane Society recently launched a new wireless service called Humane Wireless, which runs on the Sprint CDMA network. With the new service you will be donating 10% of every dollar you spend to their efforts to stop animal cruelty.

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